Nadia Stoykova



Ballet technique for oriental dancers. And the discriptions is: -beautiful arms, legs and body positions -ballet poses and how to dance in a right perspectives -easy and difficult turns -how to make logic combinations

Nadia Stoykova– professional dancer and choreographer, founder and leader of the largest Resources: Dance center in Plovdiv, Bulgaria.

Creative Path of Nadia began with the Belarusian State Choreographic School at the Bolshoi Theatre of the Republic of Belarus. After five years of serious training in classical ballet, she discovered the world of folk dances. Followed by training at the Minsk College of Arts, which Nadia finished with honors, and was invited to work in the most prestigious and well-known Academic Folk Dance Ensemble of Belarus “Haroshki.” Over the years of studing in the school and work in the ensemble Nadia visited many countries around the world on tour, where the team took the Grand Prix at various festivals Folklor, participated in television programs and received the highest marks of the public.

In 1997, Nadia was invited to participate in the formulation of six musicals for 5-star hotel in Turkey. The work in the show was for her interesting and varied. Helps to hone their skills Republican champion in acrobatics and Belarus champion among youth on Latin-American dances. It happened in Turkey and the first acquaintance with belly dancing.

Returning home Nadia decided to create a show-ballet, becoming a choreographer, costume designer and producer. Belly dance in her performance becomes a permanent part shows. Nadia  took lessons from leading then Minsk’s dancers- Angelica el-Ahmar and Alena Korvel, as well as taking part in the first contest of oriental dance in Minsk “Oriental sweets”.

After three years of successful work in restaurants in Minsk tour in Taiwan and Bulgaria, Nadia moved to Bulgaria for permanent residence. In parallel with the care of the family and their two children, she ends up Master’s degree in “Ballet Pedagogy and direction” at the Academy of Music, Dance and Fine Arts Plovdiv. And in 2010, opens its dance center, where today he studied classical ballet, modern dance, folk dancing, street dance and belly dance more than a hundred children and adults.

Continuing to improve, Nadia takes part in many international festivals oriental dance, such as “Heshk Beshk” (Venice, Italy), “Nile group” (Cairo, Egypt), “Oriental passion” (Athens, Greece), ” Egypto en Barcelona “(Barcelona, Spain),” Layali “(Sofia, Bulgaria), “Oriental fairytales” (Belgrade, Serbia), Stockholm bellydance festival (Sweden),  „Hezz ya wezz” (Sofia, Bulgaria) studying with leading experts in the world. As a teacher and judge she shares her skills and knowledge making workshops in the main cities in Bulgaria and abroad: “Cairo by night “(Serres, Greece), “Enigma Arabia” (Kharkiv,Ukraine), “Waves of orient” (Belgrade, Serbia), “Goddess of the Orient” (Rostov-on-Don, Russia), “Oriental dream” (Bucharest, Romania), ” Balkan dance Olympiad” (Belgrade, Serbia, organized by WADA).  In addition to the east, it continues to take lessons Contemporary, jazz dance, salsa, Bollywood and hip-hop dance.

Nadia is a multiple winner of the Bulgarian dance festivals and conventions as in the category of solo and with her band. Children’s groups of classical ballet and modern dance are multiple winners and winners in contests and competitions in Bulgaria, Serbia, Hungary, Romania  in different categories. Nadia’s team has awards “for the best costumes” , “Mini ballet cup” and “for the creative contribution to the development of dance.”

“A dancer must be improved and lifelong learning without stopping on a single style. To express emotions overwhelm us, it is necessary to possess perfectly with his body. Dance teacher is a very important and responsible profession! We teach children that movement is life! “